Chapter 67 – What is Love?

This blog is a book. Maybe better to read from the beginning? 🙂


Sunday, 21 February 2016.




Sunday morning of D-Day.


Anna is on her way to the K-Market grocery store in Jätkäsaari to buy some ginger and celery to spice up the veggie soup that’s ready and waiting in the fridge back home.

What else should I get?

Some grapes — she giggles.


She’s in a great mood. She’s slept very, very well.

🎼 I got out of bed on the right side, on the right side, on the right side. I got out of bed on the right side and I’m having a wonderful day. 🎶


As she walks to the store, she’s listening to the YouTube video of an old song from the classic movie Dangerous When Wet that her father Marcos used to watch with her and her siblings when they were little. Starring Esther Williams…

…and Tom and Jerry – yeah, them! You’ve seen them. The grey cat who does all the chasing and the brown mouse who does all the teasing.

Ah… good memories!

After the song has ended, a random TV show starts on auto-play. It is in this unexpected video that Anna hears a fantastic quote for the very first time:


“Love is a game that one can play and two can win.”  Eva Gabor.




Wow. Yeah… Uh-hmm.

Absolutely perfect!


A game that one can play and two can win?


She’s excited. Very excited over D-Day.


I wanna play! I wanna play this love game!


But what if I lose??

Is it worth the risk of new heartbreak?

Is it…?



B-r-i-n-g    i-t    o-n.

But… What if Chris is not the one?


Humpf – there’ll be others!

So, bring it ON!

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Obs. D-Day.