Chapter 30 – Blind Date #8


Thursday, 4 February 2016.


Day 46



Gosh, I’m looking good.

Damn girl!

Feminine, youngish,

Oh, baby I’ve got it!

Attitude. Wit.

My makeup just right, the perfect outfit.


Self-confidence, style, my smile.

Leather boots, joy,

“Well, moi!”


“Moi, Anna!”

Uhh, not bad. Score!

Blind Riku is a sight for eyes sore.


But yay a little chubby.

So cuddly!

New smart shirt, nice smart mind.

And kind.


He eats a huge plate, I just have a salad.

We talk non-stop.

But it’s slow. Slow fella.

It’s way too serious.

There’s no chemistry.

He’s just another Finn-mystery.


He asks why somebody like me is divorced.

“We just grew apart.

It’s sad.

Good guy, but a marriage turned bad.

He’s moved on, I will, too.

And what about you?”


“Out of a long relationship, me.

She was too active,

I just stay home.

Can’t do sports with my eye,

Nor drive.

Enjoying a quiet time.”


“I see.

Well, maybe you’re not for me,




“But company would be good.

Real love. Understood?

Maybe a few kids

To refill my home with bliss.”




“It’s early, but late for me.


To catch my train and sleep deep.

Here’s a nice hug and I’ll pay.

May I see you again, bae?”


“Well, in that case…

You’ll have to write more!

I know I just do

Require it to soar!”


Ten days go by, Riku sends a hi.

That’s way too odd!

“All the b💘st!”   I respond.

I just sigh.

I’d die. I cry, “By😘!”


© 2017 rf




Obs. Day 46 after moving out.