Chapter 14 – Be Active… Stay Happy

This blog is a book. Maybe better read from the beginning? 🙂


Hard work runs in the family. Granny, mom, Anna, daughter Kristiina… Sis, aunts, everyone!


Granny Anna (who our story’s Anna is named after) is amazing! At 93, she’s calm and very active. It’s no oxymoron, you know.

Granny, affectionately called Mummo by everyone, has survived cancer twice in the last ten years. When the doctor gave her two months to live, she asked people to pray for her cure, because she loves life and isn’t ready to die. 😍 So far, she’s been cancer-free in all her yearly check-ups. Yay.

Still living alone, every time Anna goes there unannounced, Mummo’s home is clean and tidy. She often cooks delicious lunches for twelve-fifteen of us and has lots of other pastimes, such as having coffee with friends, baking and sewing in large quantities. It’s out of this world, really.

More about mom some other time. 🙂


What about our Anna? Oh, she’s definitely used to being super busy, too.

In the last years, she had her family and home to take almost impeccable care of. A full-time job, hobbies, friends (you simply have to make time for them, don’t you). And all the while pursuing her dream to get a bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

So, full-time studies, too.

She can’t understand women who don’t have a job, don’t study and can’t even manage to keep their home tidy! Nor single students who don’t have kids, don’t work and take forever to graduate.

Anna graduated in six years.

When she had exams, I remember she’d sleep only six nights a week. She’d study all night long after work and family, drink a Red Bull and go to the university. From there, straight to work. Great grades, happy, creative work.


But she made it! With joie de vivre, really. And lots of playground time with constant adventures with her kids. ❤️‍


After graduating in 2012, the family moved around the world for a while – long story. Maybe later (or… maybe better not).

Back in Finland, she fought for a job, went on many interviews, got a teacher’s tenure position and has had time to try to start the new habit of a little jogging and going to the gym. Then came the divorce. Gosh.

Point is, Anna’s used to being surrounded by people and very, very efficient with her time.


Yes, she’s the productive type. Yes, it does run in the family. True.

Nevertheless, Anna just knows that she became even more focused on, let’s call it ‘efficiency,’ because what she really, really longed for was to stop, as often as possible, for love and affection. ‍

Can you relate at all, dear reader…? Huh?


Mummo’s a widow, she has to fill her time! It’s healthy – Anna thinks to herself.

But when you’re married and you don’t stop… it’s the lack of romantic chemistry, the lack of that wonderful emotional bond. Sigh.

You must fill your time with other joys. 😏

Things weren’t as they should and sex was just a hobby – like a sport of sorts. You know how to play well. You do it often. But where’s the excitement?


Anna’s life has changed drastically. From a full-time everything, to a two-weeks-a-month-with-the-teens mom. Yeah, yeah, work and hobbies, too.

All of a sudden she’s feeling she has too much time in her hands.

You see, Anna has a big, joyful heart, ready to love again. I do!!


And a dark empty flat when she turns the key in the lock and pushes the front door open.

And love can stop time.

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Obs. Love, come and make me stop!