Chapter 40 – I Simply Remember


Monday, 8 February 2016.


Day 50


And the lesson goes on.


“My dear 8C, now that you’re all awake… Your homework was to think about your favorite pastimes and such, writing a list with at least ten items. Who has done that?”

Hands go up everywhere.

Anna shows the class a video – My Favorite Things, from The Sound of Music – one of her favorite movies. And the boldest of her pupils sing along with her.

“🎶 I simply remember my favorite things, and then I don’t feel so bad!”

Ah… Nice.

“Encouraging, isn’t it?” she smiles.

“So, today your task is to be creative. Take your list of favorite things and transform it into beautiful art. A poster, a video, a play. The sky is the limit. If you’re not good at drawing, write a colorful list that will look great on the wall.

“You can also draw stick men, like I did.”

Anna told Christian (one of the nice Englishmen from Tinder), that she’s been working on this theme at school. He insisted she share her list with him – wouldn’t take no for an answer. So endearing! So she drew it for him.

How Anna loves feeling inspired with the silliest of things!

Now, she projects the images she drew on the smart board, hoping to ignite her pupils’ creativity. First, she wants them to speak up and practice their English.

“Hey look, here are my very own favorite things. Can you tell me what they are?”


ft1 – kopio

ft – kopio

ft2 – kopio

ft3 – kopio


Chatting with Chris has been so lovely. A mix of witty, smart, gentlemanly and flirty. Guys are a mystery, but it’s gradually getting warmer.

She drew him a couple of extra (burning hot) pastimes on the back side. 😍

Completely scratched over now, of course!


Hmm. We shall see…

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Obs. Day 50 since moving out. Warm beginnings!




Chapter 17 – Netflix and Eggs…

This blog is a book. Maybe better read from the beginning? 🙂


Saturday, 30 January 2016.


Day 41


It’s Saturday evening and the kids have left to their dad’s again.

The week with them was lovely. Heart-warming. They all went to school, enjoyed time together at the gym upstairs, watched Friends and talked.

And hugs, lots and lots of them. Naturally!

I think they’re OK. And we have each other.


As planned, Anna focused on them all week, going on zero dates. But… she did chat with Frederick and Christian on a daily basis – during lunch break and such.

The way Englishmen interact is so different. Warm and lively. They’re polite. Communicative. It feels pretty awesome. 🎯

With Frederick, the chats are quite deep. Friendly and versatile. He seems to be a frank and centered person. There’s no talk of meeting up, but their exchange feels soothing. Besides, he’s cute. Maybe we could be friends who are there for each other.

With Christian, on the other hand, it’s always so surprising!

He’s smart, playful, flirty, witty, but in a very gentlemanly way, making Anna laugh all the time.

He seems quite eager to get to know me better.

And women love attention. 😍😍😍


Christian asks questions, comments on her replies. What an endearing guy… And he keeps promising to come to Finland soon.

Hmm. Too good to be true? We shall see.


But……. don’t put all your eggs in one basket, Anna! Nor in two. Haha.

Not yet.

You never know, after all.

And remember you’re free to play the field for the first time in your life. Breathe, sit back, enjoy the flirting, the attention. The cute compliments.

After Mr. Ex, I’d say it’s about time!


It’s snowing outside, and Anna’s feeling really content. It’s one of those rare, special moments. She goes into the freezing balcony and looks out the window. Oh, the glass is a bit dirty. Eurgh! I hate cleaning windows.

Later. I’ll do it one day.

So what, the rest of the flat is in tiptop shape.

She’s taken a shower and is just relaxing in bed, enjoying the weekend over the clean sheets. Perfect. Life is good. There’s nothing better than chilling in bed with your skin against crisp, newly-changed sheets, with a warm eiderdown to cuddle and wrap your feet in. Is there?

Perhaps some Netflix?


Her phone rings. It’s beautiful Kristiina. Calling to ask her what she’s up to. “Oh! Nothing special. Just some Netflix and chill.”

“Mom! Nooooo!!! Don’t say that!” Kris is giggling, partly terrified, partly amused.

“Why? What? It’s cool. My pupils say it all the time. They look happy when they do.” Anna says — “Last Monday I began my lesson by asking them what they’d done over the weekend. ‘I myself just netflixed and chilled’, I told them. They loved it!” by this time, Kris is laughing uncontrollably.

What the heck?

“Mom!! Don’t you know what it means?? Haha. OMG. Joey, come here! Mom… it’s code language. You text somebody to come over for Netflix and Chill. The chill part is sex! The movie is just an excuse. Or the warm-up. Hahaha.”

Now I’m blushing. “Oh, they got me, those little devils” and I’ll never say that again. Thank God for my teens. Phew.


“Haha, ok Kris, noooo! No chilling whatsoever here. Just netflixing. I promise.”

It’s still early evening when Andre sends her a text on Tinder.

So, read about them, aka my next Tinder Dates in the upcoming chapters. Coming to you through WordPress, sponsored by Netflix and…

Absolutely No Chilling (so far).

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Obs. Day 41 of no chilling.