Chapter 6 – Tindering, Chattering

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Saturday, 9 January 2016.


Day 20


Dear Diary,


I’ve got so much to tell you!!

How I swipe on Tinder was my last diary entry…

Yeah, yeah, I’m quite artistic and a bit impulsive, too, sometimes. But, as exciting as Tinder is… I ponder over everything.

So, before I tell you about this guy I matched with, let me tell you how I try to chat:

👉  Answer every message. Good manners are all about being considerate of other people’s feelings. That’s how I expect to be treated myself, after all. If someone is disrespectful – which is rare, so far – OK, in that case I’ll definitely unmatch immediately!

👉  If I realize the chat is either too slow or too boring for my taste – yawn, can’t take that – or then that the guy and I seem to have nothing in common, I go “Hey, nice meeting you here and good luck with your search,” unmatching them a little later.

👉  Never share things that are too personal. You never know who is behind the profile. There seem to be some dodgy ones there, too. Hmm. A couple of my pupils said they have fake profiles on Tinder. Can you believe it? Gosh! I just hope I never chat with one of them!!

👉  Seek to be warm, open-minded, curious, friendly, proactive, truthful, and a teeny bit mysterious. Playful? Show your best self. Slowly. What if he is Mr. Boyfriend? And why waste time being half-hearted and lazy, anyway? Either do it right or just don’t do it!

👉  Chat just in English –  feels like too much hard work to do it in Finnish.

👉  Take the initiative when you feel like it – when the guys are quiet.

👉  One date at a time… Haha. When you’ve already scheduled a date with somebody, tell all other guys who ask you out: “Let’s wait and see how the other date goes first. I’ll let you know, OK?” (But I haven’t been on any yet).

There have been soooo many matches and pleasant chats this first week… 😄

But none as warm as Tino’s… Sigh! 😍

We matched on the 6th this month and we have a date coming up!

Gotta go! More later. 🤞

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Obs. Day 20 since moving out. New experiences…