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I am very honored for the privilege of being interviewed by my blogger-friend from Please check his amazing blog out and read the interview here.

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The Chronicles of a Happy Divorcée

Today in Getting to Know You we’re meeting  Anna from Anna is an amazing writer from Finland. Her book is half fictional, and half based on true events. She’s a strong woman, happy and Joyful. I like her blog very much. She has been blogging since september 2017. Let’s give Anna our support, and a follow.

Name/Blog name:

Anna Springs-Virtanen (pseudonym)

Country currently living In:



What is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey, of course! (Lidl’s banana ice cream B&J imitation, with dark chocolate and walnuts was even better, but I never seem to find it anymore).

What is your favourite method of travelling?

In Finland by car – in good company.

Abroad, by plane – Finland is in the end of the world, after all. Nothing better to travel by plane to meet up with loved ones…

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Blogger Recognition Award

Blogging, Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you Kym Gordon Moore for nominating me to the Blogger Recognition Award. S2. I invite everyone to go visit her blog. She began writing it in 2009 as a way to nurture and expand her credits and, like me, as a form of therapy.

AnnaTinderella began writing this book in January 2017. The reason she’s turned her Draft Zero into a blog, even before the book is ready, is to have interaction accountability with her readers – thus more motivation during the creative process. It has really been worth it, she thinks!


If you are new to blogging, I would give you these two tips:

  1. Read and follow other blogs to learn from other writers and the experiences they share.
  2. Feel what you are writing and do it with all your heart. Then, re-read, edit and post. Just do it. You can make improvements later.


I am nominating the following bloggers for the Blogger Recognition Award:











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My sincere thanks once again to Kym for her gracious nomination that I am delighted to accept. Take care!







JC nominated me for the Liebster award! Thank you, sister! S2 Appreciated! Xx

Check out her blog: 👉 She writes inspiring texts about faith, life purpose, languages, etc.

The Liebster award was created to recognize new bloggers and welcome them to the blogosphere.




Here are my answers to the questions JC has asked me.

1. Describe yourself in one word.


2. What do you do during your spare time?

Play volleyball, write, jog, meet friends, travel, draw, photograph, feel!

3. What is your dream destination for vacation?


4. What is your favorite food?


5. What are the Top 5 things you are grateful for this year 2017?

My teens, extended family, health, friends, Mr. One (wherever he is).

6. Why do you blog?

To pour out my soul and hopefully touch people’s hearts in the process. It’s therapeutic.

7. What do you do before going to sleep?

I thank God for life and ask his blessings upon everyone, especially those who are suffering and need it the most.

8. What time do you wake up in the morning? And first thing you do?

At 6. Press snooze. 🙂

9. What pet do you have?

My son has a dog (JB – and I love him!). And… I fed a stray cat every day in Spain last summer. S2

10. How do you think you can contribute to the society?

By being present in the here and now, wherever I am. By making people feel seen, visible and loved. By giving them a helping hand, not being self-centered or selfish, but aware of needs around me. By small acts of kindness many times a day – such as saying Good Morning, Good Night, holding the door for people who are passing by, being corteous. By trying hard to understand and respect people and also make myself and my needs understood. By volunteering to social causes. By making my pupils feel valued, encouraging them. Having fun, thought-provoking lessons. Having a strong personality!

By forgiving. Sigh. And not losing hope and faith. And love, above all.

It all starts with the small things in daily life. Not the big dreams for the future. Don’t you agree?


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I now proudly nominate:












Please answer these questions for me (I’d really like to know!!). And have a wonderful weekend, dear friends! 🙂 Stay strong! Xx

Obs. I just watched The Notebook and cried my soul out. Thus, the quality of the questions below.

  1. Who are you, deep deep down? Who do you aspire to be?
  2. What are your hopes and dreams? Some concrete goals…
  3. If you could hug anybody right now, and spend a wonderful week with them, who would it be? (You need not say the person’s name. Just tell us about him/her).
  4. If you could really make one person’s life better this December, whose would it be?
  5. If you could date/marry a fictitious character (from a book, movie or cartoon), who would it be, and why?
  6. What do you want people to feel and say about you at your funeral?
  7. You are at your deathbed, what are you proud of having done in life?
  8. Whose face is the one you picture, sitting at your deathbed by your side, missing you, kissing you, even before you go?
  9. If you didn’t have to go to work every day, how would you be investing your time?
  10. What is LOVE?

Chapter 64 – Chinder Date #15

This blog is a book. Maybe better to read from the beginning? 🙂


Saturday, 20 February 2016.


日 62


Only one day to go, and Anna’s going to meet the intriguing Englishman Christian – can’t believe it! I just hope he’s as nice live as online… 🤞🤞

One more pre-booked date to attend, however. The last one before witty Chris.


After twenty-two hours awake the previous day, our main character wakes up tired, but feeling very excited with life indeed. Almost as if it were spring!

Anna has a cup of coffee, takes a nice long shower, puts on a cute outfit with light make up, and goes to Faro by the Ruoholahti Canal for her coffee with her first Chinese date ever.


Chun Ah Ah is already there waiting for her when she arrives the usual five minutes late. He stands up, mighty elegant at 42, like Mulan’s warrior teacher in the Disney movie.

Wow! This guy is something else.

Chun Ah Ah has a presence about him. Tall, about 180? Strong jet-black hair that has recently been cut. Clean-shaven and very well-dressed: a smart shirt, smart pants, smart shoes, an impressive watch – ticking, ticking – and an overcoat. Handsome, he’s the spitting image of what Asian discipline must look like.

As strong as a reproductive bull. As impressive as a dragon!



They were only supposed to have a coffee, but after three hours of chatting non-stop, Chun Ah Ah looks at his watch.

“Anna, time has flown! It’s so easy to talk to you.” he smiles charmingly.

“Oh, thank you. Likewise.” she corresponds.

“I see that it is already 14:30, so I won’t be cooking anymore. Would you have lunch with me? Across the square? My treat!”

“Oh, that would be nice! Yes.” she answers happily, suddenly craving for pizza.


They walk over to Dacca Pizzeria, and it looks as though Chun’s suddenly feeling more relaxed. He pulls a chair for her to sit down, and sits across from her by the window facing the canal. They order and he leans comfortably forward with his forearms against the table.

He folds his shirt up to the elbows and opens the upper button by his collar.

He smiles, flirting intensely now.

They discuss his previous relationship with a Finnish woman. No. They never got round to having kids and…

Anna tells him about her marriage and her wonderful teenagers. How great being a mom has always felt.


Their pizzas arrive. His has chili peppers, arugula and extra meat. Hers is a closed calzone with ham, shrimp, oregano and extra mozzarela. Yummy – so moist! And she likes this guy. Mmm.


Suddenly, he drops his fork, looking really serious. His eyes almost look big. He holds up two fingers in the air and looks like someone who means business.

Intense, mysterious.

“Anna. My mother is already 82 years old and of weak health. She doesn’t have any grandchildren and she’s concerned about me being alone.”


“Some women are young and still end up having no kids. Other women are forty-five and can still have babies…

“…How do I know if the woman I choose to marry will be able to give me any little ones? I’m a succesful engineer and I want to build a family.”

“Well…” Anna automatically looks down at her right arm that extends as if holding a newborn.

His voice becomes more urgent.

“Anna, in the next three years I need to (1) get married, and (2) have at least two babies,” he says holding up those two fingers again. ✌️

“Chun, ah…” her left arm raises in the previous manner. Her gaze switches to her left arm, as if in slow-motion.


“I need to take a wife and ✌️babies back to my mother in China before she dies.

“And I can’t wait much longer. It’s quite hard to get good matches and nice dates, you know…”

“Ah…” she looks down at her bosom and imagines having two Chinese babies of her own sucking voraciously at her nipples in 2018.

“So, what do you say?” and the vision of a short, very cute, chubby Chinese old lady smiling with satisfaction at her from across the table seems to materialize. Everything is happening so fast!


Later, Anna hears that the name Chun means ‘born in the spring’ and Ah means ‘little one’.

That explains it!

Chun Ah Ah!


Waa, waa. May his destiny turn out to include the two waa, waas!


© 2017 rf



Obs. Day 62 with imagined Chinese babies in my loving arms and a very happy mother-in-law in tow.



(Hey, You Guys!)

This blog is a book. Maybe better to read from the beginning? 🙂


Timeless, maybe.


Sidenotes To The Guys


My book has been called female-oriented. I don’t think I agree. I guess it depends on who you are and what you’re looking to find when you read me. Hopefully, you’re finding something worthwhile.

In my experience, many men are as sensitive – or even more – than the average woman. Romantic, meek, adorable – strong and wonderfully manly, at the same time.

Some men I know (and some new stranger-friends) are reading these chronicles and sending me comments – giving me all kinds of thought/emotion-provoking feedback. I really, really appreciate it, guys.

Thank you for your valuable input, your time and interest, your intelligence and depth. Thank you for letting our souls touch a little bit, as our journeys cross paths. The world should have more beings like you. I’m lucky to have if just a fraction – you’re heroes, and you make a difference! Like you can’t imagine.

But that was not what I intended for this chapter. This parenthesis.



Hey, you guys (as in Goonies)!

This book is not a How-to-Find-a-Lady-Online, nor a How-To-Understand-a-Tinderella kind of book. Nonetheless, if you’re attentive, you will capture some indirect tips in my writings. Dating, food for thought, some thoughts on being a decent human being…

Well, it all comes down to this.

Be human, yes, be flawed and powerfully vulnerable – by all means. Be yourself, but seek to become the best version of yourself – even if just one tiny step at a time. We won’t respect ourselves otherwise. I hear that progress equals happiness, and I agree.

(What’s our alternative? Growing older and sadder with time? A downhill trip to the grave? I’m pretty sure that’s not how it’s meant to be).

Try. Succeed. Stumble and fall. Err and then dust off, chin up and repeat. A small step, but a small step in the right direction. It piles up and amounts to much. Get help, if needed.

(I often need help. Hugs + talking are the best kind!)


Whether you’re single and happy to stay so, or longing for a partner and all the love in the world. Whether you’re happily married, or in the process of deciding to divorce.

I’m sure that whatever the case, you want to feel alive, very ALIVE!

Vulnerable, yet mighty. Responsible, but true. You want to be gentle and loved and respected. And wild!

You want to be needed, missed and admired – to hug her and make her laugh, make her life happier and lighter (whoever the word ‘she’ represents here).

You thrive in having something to offer and living a purpose-filled life. And you have lots to give. We need each other.

Be true, be true, be true, darling. “To thine own self be true.” Go through the process, but get there, don’t give in. I believe in you.

If you were suddenly in your deathbed, would you say, “I wish I had lived a life true to myself – not the life that others expected of me. I wish I had expressed my feelings, and I wish I had allowed myself to be happier.”?

If not, you’re doing great. Yay!


And to those of you in hopes of finding a special gal (the same works for keeping her, I guess).

If you’re not ready for dating, don’t do it. Wait a little. Work on yourself. But when you’re ready…

Go for it 100%!

I can’t promise you the lady you like will like you back, but I can promise you this:

Women like attitude (without the arrogance). Women respond to self-confidence and self-respect. Remember to respect them, too.

Women like guys who are wise and cool and brave. Decisive. They know what they want and dare to try. Men who have the courage to give their best, put in the effort and risk rejection – even if it hurts. (Aren’t guys supposed to love adventure and uncertainty? Hunting? Battlefields? Conquering? A quest, a fair fight with dignity, any way??)

You don’t have to be James Bond, but when you decide to go dating/to keep the lady, don’t just be yourself – but your best!

Don’t do anything half-heartedly, with meager efforts, out of fear. Yuk!

You might be super skinny or short, super fat or old or whatever. Kind of poor? I don’t care.

You need time? Ask for it. Communicate.

Have goals, be working on your goals. Going somewhere. Be affectionate – romantic sometimes. Don’t be mean. I think what she really cares about is the fact that you try hard – even though what you really want is to succeed.

Put on a great newish shirt or a casual outfit, wash your hair, trim your beard, back straight, smile! Treat her with respect and admiration. Listen to her a little more than you talk yourself. Care! Look into her eyes – practice eye contact. Be a perfect gentleman. Well-mannered, at least.

But dare to hold her hands in the second part of the date. To kiss her good-bye. Text her back soon! The world is quick nowadays, and if you dormir no ponto, if you give it too much time… If she’s really special – uh-oh!

Read her body language and watch out for the signs. Is she touching her hair as she looks at you? Leaning her head? Retouching her lip gloss? Is she touching your arm lightly? Is her smile genuine? Does she think you’re funny? Can you sense if you’re being smart and interesting in her eyes?


And what if you don’t like her? That’s OK, too. Others will. Just like there will be a person who will like you. Your unique self.

Change the game, but be a gentleman anyway. Don’t be a jerk – thank her for a lovely evening. Wish her good luck!

Leave your best impression wherever you go – be it a yes or a friendly no – and she’ll respect you for it. You’ll respect yourself. And that’s powerful!

(I respect all the times Mr. Ex was a good man. All the times he was true and vulnerable, a decent guy. The moments when he was his best. I’ll remember. And most of all, I respect him for not wasting any more of my time and daring to ask for a divorce. For finally making up his mind. Thank you, Pedro.)

If you’re not for each other, at least you did your part and treated her with dignity. Why would you regret that?

But don’t give her half-efforts, excuses or laziness, BS. You deserve to leave a better impression than that.

Your statement, your signature.

That’s just one girl’s very humble opinion. And I’m as fallible as you.




(And my real name to others).

© 2017 rf



Obs. Today I received this cute message. Here it goes for you, too:


Life is as passing as pain.

As beautiful as love.

As simple as me.

As important as you.

Therefore fight, forgive, love, conquer and enjoy every second of it.

If you have to choose between being happy or being important, choose being happy,

Because important you already are! 😊