First blog post

Friday evening comes and I spot my date too easily: it’s freezing outside, but the guy is wearing — drum rolls — shorts, a bright orange running jacket, and best of all, a flashlight on his forehead!

Horrendous! For a date?!



Author: TinderellaAnna

Anna is a character. Half-fictional, half-inspired in many, many true events. Half-European, half-Latin-American. She is happy, she is strong, she is a mom, a teacher, a friend. Despite the divorce - not of her choice - she is determined to be joyful, grateful, hopeful, sweet; believing that life is for sharing and that he is somewhere out there. But he will have to be as lovable as she is. After all, better alone than in bad company. Sigh: but better in good company than alone... Disclaimer: All names and places have been changed to protect the people who happen to be true.

14 thoughts on “First blog post”

  1. I appreciate your reading of my blog. I came to your blog and was amazed at the amount of work you have done. You have enough material for a book. If you wish to pursue the idea go to create a book on the internet and produced two books so far. No gimmick totally free. Go to type in books then type in short stories and other stuff and my book comes up. It did not cost me a dime and my book is sold on Amazon. I mention it for you have the material and it is a pretty good read. If you do it let me know. Maybe my actions caused a person to become a true writer. Boy is that an ego rush. Best wishes, Barry P.S. If you want you can buy the book just to see how it was made. Let me know if you have questions. Remember there is no charge so while it still is free I suggest you pursue it.

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    1. Oh, thank you very much for your idea! I love helpful people and try to be that way, too. People who go out of their way to help others, with no personal gain. Respect!

      I want to finish the book and then edit it a little better. Then, if I don’t find a publisher, I will definitely self-publish on Kindle/Amazon.

      How have your sales been going?

      Am going to search for your book there soon.

      I hope we read/follow each others blogs. I have trouble and error messages following people, but I keep trying. Hope we can encourage each other some more.

      Blessings!! And THANK YOU very very much again for your time, attention, helpfulness and interest. Made my day!! XXOO


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