5 thoughts on “Chapter 29 – To Tinder or Not to Ignite – That Is the Question”

    1. That’s how online dating goes.

      You just chat with lots of people at the same time. By the time you’ve met ten, you’ve chatted with maybe a hundred men.

      Friendly chats, slow ones, good ones, smart, respectful, fun, silly. You delete the disrespectful ones, leave the boring ones behind. Set up a few dates, keep chatting with the others. It’s quite intense, really. Everybody does that.

      Some guys pursue you nicely. You get to know their style slowly, ask them kindly to wait. It’s a fast game… Fun and exciting at the beginning. Especially for a social person.

      Remember love is a game…
      …where one can play and two can win!

      Just wait! 🙂

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      1. .. and some get burnt! I know it’s ‘the’ way to meet others these days. A friend of mine had thousands of hits, She was overwhelmed. She tried to delete but had to stay open for a mandated 24 hour period. Then it somehow linked her to another site!
        Here there have been some very ugly incidents via social media, the most notorious being a young teenage girl who thought she had met someone nice, close to her age. Ended up being a paedophile who lured her to meet him and an accomplice at an isolated place. She told no-one. It took some days before her body was discovered….


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