Chapter 5 – How I Tinder

This blog is a book. Maybe better read from the beginning? 🙂


Thursday, 7 January 2016.


Day 18


Dear Diary,

All good with me and the teens. What a relief! So far so good.

We simply love our new flat. Feeling so at home. 😍

Jätkäsaari is a relatively new neighborhood in Helsinki, close to the city center, with about ten thousand apartments being built as we speak. Our building is only a year old, so it’s very modern and well-planned.

Kristiina and Joseph have been enjoying the gym on the eighth floor, while my favorite place is the sauna with its surrounding terraces up there. The laundry is very nice, too, spacious and with a huge window. Not to mention our social room, which can be booked for free for parties and gatherings.

See, Anna? No use crying over spilt milk… Right?

Silver linings, silver linings… and life’s not that bad! 😊😊


As for the Tindering business…

…Well, I have to admit that it gives me butterflies in my stomach. 

Lots and lots! 🦋🦋🦋

Imagine, after twenty-two years with the same man – yes, I started dating Mr. Ex at 17 – it feels nicely odd to be single again and free to chat with whomever I want. Strangers, mostly from Finland.

Lol. Finnish guys are such a mystery to me. 🤔


I’ve quickly come up with my own set of rules for how to play the Tinder “game”.

(I affectionately call it a game, but for me it’s serious business!) 😊

When swiping right, it’s important that I like how he looks, of course, but I’m not searching for a super model or a Hollywood star. Definitely not for a body builder. All things in moderation.

Besides, I can look at myself in the mirror, too. 😏🤔


It’s not as much about looks as it is about the general vibe I get:

Does he look pleasant enough? Is he smiling in any of the pics or just looking serious, angry or depressed? Is there kindness in his eyes? Is he nicely dressed? 🤗

Come on! Most people look their best when smiling.

And what has happened to cleanliness and a cool haircut, good posture, nice clothes – if I may ask?? (Some guys there are unbelievable! 😬)

Maybe a smart shirt and tie in one of the pictures? A positive portrayal is what you’d expect.

“Suit up,” guys!

It’s also a matter of self-love, right? If the guy doesn’t care at all about leaving a good first impression, then what later? 🤦‍


Different strokes for different folks, but I immediately swipe no to smokers. It’s also a no if they are holding huge alcoholic drinks, especially in all of their pictures (Is drinking that central in their lives?).

Not interested in profiles with blurry pictures, no presentation text, people who state they’re just looking for sex (free hookers??), guys hiding behind sunglasses.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, my dear, and I want to see what they are telling me. 👀


Last but not least, I’m a teacher and all for education, so don’t get me wrong now: I also swipe no to university students.

Although this was one of the things I admired the most about Mr. Ex – a hardworking man, I’ll admit as much – he’s taking his fourth degree since we met… And I’m a little bit tired of dealing with deadlines and essays and theses within the relationship. Not to mention the very tight student budget.


I’ve graduated and found a permanent job, pay my own bills and depend on no one, so it would be nice to enjoy a little more breathing space and some special dates, for a change.

That would be sooooo nice! 🤞

Feeling a little sleepy here, so I’ll write some more later.

Have lots more to tell!! Yay!


P.S. For now, there are some Finnish names I swipe no to. 😀 Sorry, Finland!!

For example, Pentti, Velho, Mikko, Mika, Tenho, Aarto, Panu, Antti, Ekka, Pelle, Saku and Tatu. They just sound too funny in Portuguese/Spanish!!! Ilkka is a woman’s name. And Arse?? OMG!!

(Their translation would be: comb, oldie, monkey, embarrassment, I have, tall, cloth, anti, yuk, clown, bag and armadillo. 😆 How could I take a bf with one of those names seriously? Hahaha!)

© 2017 rf



Obs. Day 18 since moving out. New beginnings!




Author: TinderellaAnna

Anna is a character. Half-fictional, half-inspired in many, many true events. Half-European, half-Latin-American. She is happy, she is strong, she is a mom, a teacher, a friend. Despite the divorce - not of her choice - she is determined to be joyful, grateful, hopeful, sweet; believing that life is for sharing and that he is somewhere out there. But he will have to be as lovable as she is. After all, better alone than in bad company. Sigh: but better in good company than alone... Disclaimer: All names and places have been changed to protect the people who happen to be true.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 – How I Tinder”

  1. Nice one! I laughed a lot reading what those Finnish names actually mean in Portugese. I just imagine if you were dating, for example, Mikko or Mika, and you needed to introduce him to your Portugese friends!
    Nice one story.

    Liked by 2 people

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